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2003 Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship
March 1st & 2nd, 2003.
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Ferd's Ice-Racing Adventures
Western Canadian Ice-Race Championship, Lac la Biche, Alberta
Updated February 29, 2004.


Patrick Tambay - Monaco 1983
Ferd's Photos - 1983 Monaco Grand Prix
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the Formula One Results & Information Xplorer.


In honour of Jacques Villeneuve, first Canadian Formula One Driving Champion, I have created a page with my thoughts on the final race of the 1997 season in which the outcome of the Championship was decided in a collision between Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve.  It includes two MPEGs, pictures, and links to other sites.

Tribute to Gilles Villeneuve.
 Stories and Pictures
 MPEG of Dijon '79
duel with Rene Arnoux.


Pedal Car I built this Pedal Car for my kids using plans purchased from Stevenson Projects.  Check out their cool collection of Pedal Car and Sailboat projects.


I still need something useful to do with this webpage.  Until then, Ferd has no better ideas. 
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